The Gabriel House Blues Recording sessions

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  • IBAN: BE13 9796 2804 9339
  • BIC: ARSP BE 22

Bestelcode: CD002

Prijs: 20 Euro (inclusief verzendkost)

About the CD.
What happens if you are a couple of musicians and you have a free afternoon? Chris Gill and Luc Borms decided last minute that they would make a few recordings at Sharp Sound Design studios in Natchez, Mississippi. Burne Sharp, owner and sound engineer of Sharp Sound Design studio, only had 2 hours available.
So Chris and Luc went into the studio. Burne pressed the record button, and Chris and Luc played 10 songs in one and a half hours. This recording was done in the 'one take, or nothing' style of the old blues men: a few instruments, two chairs, a couple of mics, some booze is all you need! Despite this process, this CD is of superb quality.